Yacht Wood Restoration and Refinishing

Yacht Wood Refinishing and



    At Icon Yacht Care, we have a unique team who is licensed and specializes particularly in Yacht Wood Restoration and Refinishing. If the wood on your yacht is in need of a desperate touch-up, call our team to schedule an appointment today. The wooden pieces located on a yacht can usually be found in almost every room. Whether the wooden pieces are antique cabinets, dining room tables, or even chairs, it’s easy to notice if they are scratched or damaged in one way or another. Some of these wooden pieces may even be some of your favorite furniture on the vessel and require that extra delicate touch to prolong their beauty. Luckily if you are the owner of a boat, crew member stewardess or captain, Icon Yacht Care has a team of artists and master finishers that specialize in wood restoration, painting, cleaning and even resurfacing for all wood furniture on your vessel. If your wood pieces mean much to you, trust the professionals to take care of any cleaning and restoration at your convenience. With over 25 years of experience combined with artistic skills, educational background, and mastery of all wood techniques, Icon Yacht Care has the equipment and solutions necessary to provide you with museum-quality finished pieces on all woodwork.

    Our wood services include wood and fine furniture repair, faux and decorative finishes, as well as restoration of antiques and specialty items including fine art sculptures and frames. Over time, any wood is bound to start deteriorating and will give off an unappealing look. The crew at Icon Yacht Care can provide Yacht Wood Restoration and Refinishing for all wood pieces whether exterior or interior to the vessel. Our crew is committed to working around your schedule and will come directly to your shipyard, marina or private home to give you a superior wood restoration and refinish like no other.

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