Yacht Area Rugs and Orientals Cleaning

Yacht Area Rugs and Orientals



Trust the experts in Yacht Area Rugs and Orientals Cleaning. At Icon Yacht Care, we offer one of the most extensive area rugs and oriental cleanings there is around. If you care about the quality and appearance of your area rug or other Orientals, give us a call to schedule an appointment today. For your service in Yacht Area Rugs and Orientals Cleaning. Often times, the first thing we notice when walking into the living space of a yacht is the centerpiece, an area rug. A nice area rug will make your yacht look unique but even with regular vacuuming, the rug will still accumulate dust and dirt and will ultimately give off an unappealing look. Most area rugs are generally delicate and expensive which is why they require their own type of cleaning and maintenance. Icon Yacht Care has the proper equipment and solutions necessary to offer area rugs and orientals cleaning that will bring out the true beauty of your rugs while preserving its delicate material. Do not leave it up to yourself when it comes to area rugs and orientals cleaning. Often when people decide to do it themselves, they end up damaging the area rug due to scrubbing too hard or using the improper solutions. An area rug is simply too delicate and expensive to take that type of risk. 

Leave it up to the professionals from Icon Yacht Care for Yacht Area Rugs and Orientals Cleaning. With over 15 years of extensive experience, our team is familiar with all types of area rugs and can assess the solutions and utensils necessary to get the job done right. Our crew will come directly to your marina, shipyard or private home and provide you with area rugs and orientals cleaning right on the spot without taking up much of your time. With free estimates, competitive pricing and a promise to an eco-friendly cleaning, there is no reason why you shouldn’t call the professionals at Icon Yacht Care.

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