Yacht Carpet and Floor Runners Cleaning

Yacht Carpet and Floor

Runners Cleaning

    At Icon Yacht Care, we have a unique team who is licensed and specializes particularly in wood restoration and refinishing. If the wood on your yacht is in need of a desperate touch-up, call our team to schedule an appointment today. Many vessels choose carpet as their flooring of choice mainly because it is easy to clean and looks good. Floor runners are also very common to be found on boats because they prevent dirt, mud and water from being brought into the yacht. If you’re the owner of a yacht, stewardess, captain, or crew member, you know how easily it is to bring dirt, mud and more into the interior of the boat. A floor runner can easily become dirty and need a thorough cleaning from time to time. This is where we can help. Icon Yacht Care has over 15 years of experience with Yacht Carpet and Floor Runners Cleaning and will work around your schedule to offer you free pick-up and delivery no matter where your vessel may be located.

    Our company consists of a full service crew that has the equipment to clean not only carpets and floor runners but also furniture covers making it easy for you to get all the cleaning you need, without having to call multiple different people. We are trained to assess each fabric material to make sure that it is getting the proper treatment and will prolong its longevity. Icon Yacht Care is committed to providing your vessel with the highest quality Yacht Carpet and Floor Runners Cleaning you could get at reasonable prices. Our team is trained and specializes in all types of carpets and floor runners to provide you with a superior clean that you and guests onboard will notice. Call Icon Yacht Care today to receive a free estimate.

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