Yacht Curtains Cleaning

Yacht Curtain Cleaning


    If the curtains on your yacht are in need of a quick touch up or cleaning, call the experts at Icon Yacht Care today to schedule an appointment. With two decades of experience, we have the right tools and solutions to give your curtains a careful yet effective cleaning others will notice. The windows of a yacht often give an immediate impression to others since they can be seen from both the interior and the exterior of the vessel. Icon Yacht Care has the tools and equipment specifically designed for all types of curtain cleaning to give your boat that elegant look it deserves. Your guests on the inside, as well as passing vessels, will be amazed at the luxurious style your windows have to offer. Our team of curtain cleaning specialists knows exactly how to treat each curtain, blind, drape and more to give your windows the look they have been longing for, and ultimately prolong the life of your window curtains.

    What sets us apart from all other yacht services is our compassion and commitment to giving you an overall cleaner and better-looking vessel; one of which you never expected. We understand the time and investment that goes into maintaining a large boat which is why we take delicate care to get into every nook and cranny making your yacht look better than brand new. With 20 years of extensive experience, our crew knows what sets one yacht apart from another and how the smallest details make the biggest difference. Often times, a good curtain cleaning is overlooked and sooner than you know it, your window drapes have already accumulated enough dust, dirt, and allergens to make a noticeable difference. Our team will come to you around your schedule and give you the ultimate curtain cleaning experience you can’t get elsewhere.

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