Yacht Dry Cleaning

Yacht Dry Cleaning:


Icon Yacht Care is your trusted source for any and all types of Yacht Dry Cleaning you may need on board. With two decades of experience, we have the equipment and knowledge needed to give your fabrics a careful yet effective dry cleaning with a difference you will feel and notice. While caring for the exterior of your yacht is important, it is just as important as caring for the detail inside of your vessel. With Icon Yacht Care, our expert dry cleaning team can restore all garments using only organic solvents to prevent damage and discoloration due to normal washing and drying. Often times, clients shy away from dry cleaning because they believe it is easier to wash and dry themselves. Clothing made of natural fibers may shrink or fade when placed in a washing machine but with our dry cleaning service, the proper washing is performed to prevent swelling of the fibers that will lead to discoloration of your fabrics.
Our team of dry cleaning experts have the experience necessary to re-shape your garments, restore creases and eliminate any wrinkles to leave you and your guests and crew amazed at the interior of the vessel. When caring for a yacht, dry cleaning is of special importance because most of the garments are exposed to prolonged sunlight which may begin to deteriorate your garments. With regular Yacht Dry Cleaning, your garments will maintain their original shape and color to keep them looking at their best. We guarantee your clothing will have extended longevity so that you can worry about other matters such as enjoying your time out on the water or handling other important matters without having to clean your garments yourself.
All Yacht Dry Cleaning services provided by Icon Yacht Care are done with eco-friendly products and equipment to protect the environment while leaving you with a Yacht Dry Cleaning service you can be proud of. Our crew will strive to make your yacht feel like home and keep your laundry clean to create a suitable environment for you and any passengers you may have aboard.

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