Upholstery Cleaning

Are you in need of yacht upholstery cleaning and detailing for your yacht in Ft.
Lauderdale? Well, Icon Yacht Care is the right spot for you. Icon Yacht Care is one of Ft.
Lauderdale’s best upholstery cleaning providers for yachts and boats across the area. We offer a
full range of upholstery cleaning services for boats and seating areas of all shapes and sizes. Icon
Yacht Care can handle all of the yacht upholstery cleaning your boat could need. Located in Ft.
Lauderdale, our yacht upholstery cleaning services can restore the upholstered seating areas on
the interior or exterior of your yacht to their original look. Icon Yacht Care will show you how
experience and professionalism set us apart from the other Ft. Lauderdale yacht upholstery
cleaning companies to choose from.
There are many yacht upholstery cleaning providers around the Ft. Lauderdale area. Of
course, as we are known as one of the most popular yachting cities in the world, there are many
companies vying for your business. Icon Yacht Care, however, will outperform them all. You
should choose Icon Yacht Care for your upholstery cleaning needs because we are proud to put
your needs first. Icon Yacht Care provides the best customer service around. We will send out
our experienced professionals to clean the upholstery in your yachts no matter the location
around Ft. Lauderdale. Whether your yacht is docked at a marina or in your backyard, we will
provide the best possible customer service and leave your yacht looking brand new. There are no
stains or surprises that we haven’t encountered and erased. Call us at Icon Yacht Care for your
upholstery cleaning needs today.