Crew Uniforms

Owning and maintaining a yacht is not only about the boat itself. Your crew and captains
must look and perform professionally as well. At Icon Yacht Care, we are not only there to clean
or repair your yacht, we also specialize in designing yacht wear and uniforms for your crew. Icon
Yacht Care in Ft. Lauderdale will help to keep your crew looking good and feeling comfortable.
When you or your crew are looking for an apparel upgrade, give Icon Yacht Care in Ft.
Lauderdale a call.
Icon Yacht Care understands that a good-looking crew with matching uniforms is
important to complement your yacht. Icon Yacht Care wants to provide your crew with custom
apparel to provide a professional and confident looking crew aboard. The high standards you
have for yacht design should extend to your crew’s apparel as well. At Icon Yacht Care, we offer
a full range of services including designing custom apparel. While working in the business for
over 15 years, we understand how vital it is to have a great looking crew onboard. We also
understand how important it is to make your crew feel comfortable and confident in what they
are wearing. We specialize in providing all types of yacht wear and crew uniforms including
uniforms for crewmen, captains, stewardess, first officers and anything more you can think of.
Icon Yacht Care in Ft. Lauderdale not only designs and provides you with these
uniforms, we also offer services to provide dry cleaning for them as well. Icon Yacht Care will
come directly to your shipyard, marina or private home and offers free pickup and delivery to
have the uniforms dry cleaned at your convenience. Icon Yacht Care strives to continuously keep
up with yacht wear and crew uniform trends to give your crew a look that is appealing and
contemporary. Give Icon Yacht Care a call today for a free estimate and you will not be let