Yacht Tablecloths and Napkins

Every detail on your yacht is important. This fact does not go unnoticed by Icon Yacht
Care, one of the best yacht care companies in Ft. Lauderdale. Accordingly, Icon Yacht Care is
one of the few full-service yacht care companies to offer thorough tablecloths and napkins
cleaning to make your dining room feel like an elegant setting. Icon Yacht Care has all the
tools and solutions to help take your dining room to the next level. Many companies may
overlook something as simple as your tablecloths and napkins, but we at Icon Yacht Care let no
detail go overlooked. This is what sets us apart.

Icon Yacht Care’s belief is that a luxurious yacht would be nothing without an
extravagant dining room to wow your guests. In order to accomplish this, the table setting, from
napkins to tablecloths must be pristine. Icon Yacht Care knows what a lavish dining room set up
looks like which is why we pay special attention to the small details. We will help pick out the
design for your tablecloths and napkins, as well as provide cleaning services for them. We
guarantee that your dining room will look like a five-star restaurant and will amaze your dinner
guests in all aspects. Often times, the dining room is what sets the tone and atmosphere for the
rest of your vessel.

Give your dinner guests a night they will remember with beautifully designed tablecloths
and napkins. After dinner, call us to dry clean the tablecloths, napkins and other dining linens. At
your convenience, we offer free delivery and pickup of all your tablecloths and napkins,
wherever your boat may be docked whether it be a shipyard, marina, or your own private home.

With Icon Yacht Care’s attention to detail, make sure that every piece of your dining room looks
perfect with no unsightly wrinkles. Call us today!