Wet Cleaning

When searching for wet cleaning for your yacht or boat in the Ft. Lauderdale area, look
no further than Icon Yacht Care. At Icon Yacht Care, we are a full-service company who is there
for any and all of your wet cleaning needs. Whether your Ft. Lauderdale based boat requires wet
cleaning for bed sheets, linens, and sheets or any other delicate fabric, we are there to offer you
superior wet cleaning above all others. When looking after a beautiful luxury like a yacht, it’s
important to carefully clean and maintain every asset onboard. This includes those important
garments kept on board. Icon Yacht Care can offer all of your ships garments a careful wet
cleaning versus a standard dry cleaning.
Icon Yacht Care’s wet cleaning services are a non-toxic, solvent-free clean. Icon Yacht
Care uses energy efficient technology which uses computer-controlled washers and dryers, along
with biodegradable detergents, to give your garments a gentler touch than the average dry
cleaning. Although dry cleaning can be used for a variety of garments, it’s best to give your more
delicate garments a wet clean to ensure the safest wash. Icon Yacht Care in Ft. Lauderdale can
provide a wet wash for your fine linens, clothes, and most importantly uniforms. Our team at
Icon Yacht Care is proud to offer you only the most superior wash that ends up with the best
Call us at Icon Yacht Care and our team will come to you and assess your fabrics to offer
you the best solution for cleaning those delicate fabrics. Whether you are the owner of the yacht,
stewardess, captain, or crewmember, a decent wet cleaning can offer your garments a quality
finish by using state of the art tensioning equipment. Icon Yacht Care also uses steam and hot
water to press the garments into their proper shape. With over 15 years of experience, Icon Yacht
Care has the tools and experience necessary to preserve the color and texture of your garments
without compromising the quality of our work. We make the experience hassle-free by coming
to you with free pick-up and delivery so that you can continue on with your busy day. Icon Yacht
Care’s customer service and state of the art technology make us the best choice for your wet
cleaning needs in Ft. Lauderdale!